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NAP study: The use of negotiation support software in the preparation of negotiations leads to better negotiation results

Within the framework of a scientific study of the Negotiation Acadamy Potsdam, PhD students Carsten Stork (Potsdam site) and Michael Oryl (Hohenheim site) conducted negotiation experiments on "The Impact of Digital Negotiation Preparation Tools on Negotiation Behavior and Outcome" in May and June 2020.

The aim of the study was to investigate for the first time how the use of the negotiation support software "NegoPrep" developed by the Negotiation Acadamy Potsdam in the preparation process affects the negotiation outcome of negotiators.

Initial data analysis suggests that negotiators who have received training on the NAP tools achieve better results than negotiators with general negotiating skills. In addition, it was found that negotiators who received training on the NAP tools in addition to training on the NegoPrep software in the preparation phase were significantly better negotiators than negotiators who had "only" received training on the NAP tools. These results have far-reaching consequences for negotiators in business practice, since the use of negotiation support systems can achieve great gains in efficiency and have so far only been used sporadically in companies.