"More than negotiation"

Negotiations represent a key factor for a company's success. Many decisions in purchasing, sales, HR, M&A or management are the result of negotiations. Nevertheless, the management task is not being understood in many companies yet. This applies all the more to digital negotiations, which are a current challenge for many companies today.

Negotiation research has developed many tools, instruments and processes which can be used by companies to optimize their negotiation results. However, these are still relatively rare used in business practices since there is a lack of intensive science-practice dialogue in the field of negotiation management now.

The Negotiation Academy Potsdam (NAP) is the only university negotiation academy in Germany. The academy aims to promote the dialogue between negotiating research and negotiation practice. Its mission is a full understanding of negotiation as a management process.

The academy was founded in 2013 at the University of Potsdam. In 2016, the second location was established at the University of Hohenheim in Stuttgart.

Fields of activities of the NAP are negotiation research, negotiation training and science & practice dialogue. For example, we help companies position themselves better in digital negotiations. All activities of the academy are accompanied by a committee of renowned personalities from science and practice.

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